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Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers to Your Questions

Are You doing a CSA for the 2023 Season?

We will not be doing a CSA for the 2023 season. Instead, we'll be working to build up the physical and organizational infrastructure of the co-op! We'll also be working directly with some of Lincoln's sustainably minded Chef's to supply restaurants with fresh local produce. We plan to resume our CSA in 2024 - bigger, better, and more able to feed Lincolnites!

What is a CSA?

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a commitment made by both the grower and the veggie lover. It's a way to support local farmers, sans middleman. We provide an upfront fee and deliver fresh produce to your doorstep on a weekly basis. We'll commit to providing you fresh produce for the entire growing season.

What if I'm not available to receive my share?

Simply drop us an email ( and we'll work something out! Folks in the past have chosen to donate their share to a local non-profit food distributor or to their neighbor, family, or friend. Make sure we have the address of the new recipient at least a day ahead of delivery! If we don't hear from you or you don't have anyone to receive your share, we will never waste your food! It will be donated to a local food pantry in your name.

What do you grow?

We grow over 150 different varieties of herbs, veggies, fruits, and cut flowers. We are happy to help ensure you get your favorites every week! We work with the seasons, pests, and weather, so our harvests vary week-to-week. However, whatever we have grown, you can be sure it was produced ethically and with your kitchen in mind.

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