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Green Leaf

Bulk Orders

Please follow the link below to see our 2024 pricing and availability sheet. Weekly availability is updated every Monday by 10am. All prices are negotiable - please let us know if you notice any errors.

Email to place an order or get on the weekly mailing list

Please Keep In Mind

All of our produce offerings and eggs are Certified Naturally Grown (a more  farmer friendly alternative to Organic Certification)  

We are a local business and we are owned by people who are excited to work with you. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out!

We also have an online shop where you can order bulk products. Simply shop for 10+ items of a type to qualify for the bulk discount.

Co-op Sales Lead Cell #


Discount Code


Green Light Ray

Thank You for Supporting Our Co-op!

We are Nebraska's first worker-owned cooperative farm. We were founded in the Autumn of 2021 by three worker-owners and had our first season of production in 2022. We are always excepting new members, and expect to welcome a fourth worker-owner in the Autumn of 2024.

Salt Creek's primary purpose is to increase Lincoln's food sovereignty by sharing with others the joy of Naturally Grown flowers, produce, and pasture poultry. We don't use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides to grow our produce and eggs.

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