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About Our Farm

We are Nebraska's first worker-owned cooperative farm. We were founded in the Autumn of 2021 by three member-owners and had our first season of production in 2022. We are always excepting new members, and expect to welcome a fourth member owner in the Autumn of 2024.

Salt Creek's primary purpose is to increase Lincoln's food sovereignty by sharing with others the joy of sustainably farmed flowers, herbs, and veggies. We don't believe in synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We believe that these compounds, along with repeated tillage, are unsustainable practices that destroy the soil and biology of a landscape for temporary symptom relief.

We grow diverse vegetables and cut flowers on 6 acres, and are surrounded by 10 acres of tall-grass prairie. We feel strongly that, with a little bit of hard work, we can encourage mother nature to create a bountiful & biodiverse ecosystem.

We challenge the conventional agricultural practice of monocultures, and strive to blend the barriers between prairie and farm by supporting natives throughout our land. 

About Us: Our Farm

Meet Our Farmers

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Dyllan Usher

Nash Leef

John Harkendorff

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