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Antelope Gardeners' Alliance

We are a network of gardeners dedicated to making an impact in the Antelope Creek watershed in Lincoln NE. We function as a not-for-profit branch of Salt Creek Farmers' Cooperative, and are a mutual aid organization. We believe in helping gardeners help themselves with our co-op's resources as the catalyst.

Native & edible landscaping is our jam. Inquiries to volunteer and/or to get your garden project on our calendar are both welcome. We operate with suggested donations only and never turn any garden project away due to inability to pay. Reach out today to make an impact in your watershed and grow with your fellow Antelope Gardeners!

FAQ about the AGA:

Reach Out to The Alliance

All of our landscaping services are suggested donation only - we will not turn anyone away due to inability to pay.

We are driven by mutual aid principles and always welcome skilled and unskilled volunteers!

We look forward to gardening with you!

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