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Salt Slope Farm - Spring Update

Over the last 9 months we've turned an empty field into 60 20'x3' beds of rich, fertile soil, ready for the growing season.

Following a few warmer days in early spring, we decided to start our brassicas (kale, bok choy, etc.) and beets a little early in anticipation of a short spring. We're practicing succession planting, meaning we'll be growing certain plants in successive batches to give a steady stream of fresh veg throughout the growing season. We'll be delivering to our generous CSA members that chose to invest in Salt Slope Farm this year.

But we still have to take special care for our freshly transplanted seedlings! Though the days get much warmer during the spring, nights remain very cold. We made sure to tuck in our cold-hardy plants under row cover to help prevent frost damage.

We're all so excited for the growing season! Growing vegetables for our CSA members and our local community fills each of us with an honest satisfaction that good ol' fashion hard labor brings. Plus, it's nice to hear the birds chirping while the sun rises. It doesn't look like much more than a field now, but you'll soon be able to watch the farm burst to life bringing fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers along the way!

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Wally Graeber
Wally Graeber
May 02, 2022

What a fun update! Hoping to share this with the Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) to see if our office might be interested!

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